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    Wireless network

    We have 24s iPhones, an iPad, a Mac mini with intel and g5 iMac. We have airport turned on on both computers and use the wifi on the phones and iPad. The trouble started when I bought an airport express to boost the wireless network. We are connected to the Internet with a dsl modem which goes through a belkin wireless router. Airport express is showing the green light but one of the computers always loses its Internet connection. I can reset the modem and router and it will work for a while then it drops the connection. About ready to trash the express. Any ideas appreciated.

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    Same thing happens to me, but it only affects wireless connections - if I plug in it works fine. I see the same message about the CCMP key in the logs. Since that is the part of the WPA2 encryption protocol, I'm guessing the key exchange is failing and the wireless connection stops working because you no longer have the correct key. However, even if I've correctly identified the problem, I have no idea how to fix it.

    However, a buddy told me this.

    Various Users have encountered the problem in different configs & usage conditions; from repeated spontaneous dropped connections, when attempting a mobile call, during torrent downloads, when watching movies, etc. The problem does NOT seem to be ISP carrier specific, nor modem specific. The only commonality seems to be that it is a sudden spontaneous loss of *PPPoE Connection* & an IP address. The loss is sometimes brief (a few seconds) with the connection re-established. For some users, sometimes the dropped connection is NOT automatically re-established. However, even when the drop is brief, data flow is disrupted.
    For me, I notice the problem mainly (and almost exclusively) during streaming content. YouTube is almost unusable to me. Occasionally I will get thru a whole video, but most often it will start and I can see the data loading but then I see the streaming-buffer progress bar stop, the play progress bar catches up to it, and that's it !! When the streaming stops, the Airport icon in Menu-bar usually reports attempt to establish PPPoE connection. Occasionally, Airport Utility will even launch to report the problem to me. Even if/when it does re-connect... streaming content will not resume again.

    • My ISP is Earthlink :: COVAD provides the backbone.
    • Modem: Speedstream 5260.
    • Airport Extreme A1354 (2009) which I bought to replace
    earlier 2007 Airport Extreme A1143 in unsuccessful attempt
    to resolve this very problem.
    • Firmware: 7.5.1
    • Airport Express-n A1264 to extend network
    • MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz :: but problem occurs on other devices too
    • System :: OS X 10.5.8
    Replaced Airport hardware
    Rebuilt entire LAN
    Changed various settings (channels, wireless options, etc)
    Connect via wifi with all other devices turned-off, except BaseStation & laptop
    Connect via ethernet to Airport Extreme
    Connect via ethernet directly to Speedstream modem :: using new PPPoE connection in Network in Sys Pref's
    Problem did NOT occur when connected directly to DSL modem.
    Thus problem is not with Service Provider _ nor _ with the modem !!!
    Problem appears to be clearly related to the Airport Extreme.
    Problem DID occur when connected using Airport Extreme...
    ... even when connected directly using ethernet rather than wifi !!!
    So it is not exclusively a wireless or radio problem.
    Some past postings have questioned problems with WMM (wireless multi-media) functionality, with QoS (quality of service) issues, with need to have to Ports 500 & 4500 open, with needing IP SEC pass-thru.
    I still have no answers or solutions to share but wanted to post some detailed info to help document the problem for others (and for Apple) that the problem DOES exist, seems to be longstanding & still unaddressed, and some of the attempts or steps taken to identify or resolve the problem... thus far unsuccessfully ... _even with Escalated Apple Support_.
    Any & all comments or contributions regarding this issue will be greatly appreciated. And quite a few other Apple Airport customers, not just by me.

    Not sure if it will help or not, but that' what I heard anyways.
    Mac Pro '08
    2013 27" iMAC. 10.11.4 32g
    Apple Server Beta
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    Ipad1, 3 and iPad Air 7.1. Ipod2, 4s. iPhone 5 - IOS 8.2-- Apple Tv 4th Gen.
    ADC Member and Beta Tester

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