Snow Leopard with Mountain Lion

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    Snow Leopard with Mountain Lion


    I have just bought a Macbook air, which comes with OSX 10.8.4 and I transferred to it the contents of my Mac mini (which is running Snow Leopard)

    One immediate problem is that an app. named Sidenote is not recognised any more. I use this app. a lot and, alas, it cannot be updated, so the only solution I see is to continue using Snow Leopard in the Macbook, but I don't want to discard 10.8.4 entirely.

    - Is there a way to have both systems to enable me to switch from one to the other?

    Also, in the Mini I used Excel 4.0 which contains many homemade macros, but OSX 10.8.4 stopped recognition of This venerable version of Excel.

    - Is it possible to install in the Macbook a newer version of Excel and copy - paste all my Excel files in it?

    This is important to me because my mini has just died and I don't know if I can salvage it.
    (fortunately I had a compete backup, whew!)

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    If you want to be able run two versions of osx on the same machine, you have two main options. Firstly, you could partition the hard drive and install the older copy of osx on the second partition and dual boot. The downside of this is that you would have to restart your mac each time you wanted to switch from one OS to the other.

    The second option, and in my opinion probably the one that would be best for you, would be to install an application such as Parallels Desktop and run the older copy of osx as a virtual machine. The benefits of this is that you can switch seamlessly between the two versions of osx.

    One final option of course would be to find an alternative to the old application you need and see if it is possible to import your old data.

    As to excel, you will have to either purchase the latest copy if Office for Mac, or give Apples Numbers a will read Excel files, but there may be some issues with macros.
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