Next-Gen iMacs Could Have Anti-Reflective Screens

This is a discussion on Next-Gen iMacs Could Have Anti-Reflective Screens within the Apple News forums, part of the Apple News Room category; MacRumors reports today on a new story in Digitimes that says that G-Tech Optoelectronics is currently working with Apple on two projects, the first of ...

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    Next-Gen iMacs Could Have Anti-Reflective Screens

    MacRumors reports today on a new story in Digitimes that says that G-Tech Optoelectronics is currently working with Apple on two projects, the first of which is cover glass for the new iPad, and the second of which is anti-reflective glass for the next-generation iMac. According to MacRumors, the iMac is expected to be updated by Apple once Intelís new Ivy Bridge processors are launched later in April. Digitimes says that supplying anti-reflective glass for the new iMacs is expected to drive growth for G-Tech. MacRumors notes that the iMacís glass screen has previously drawn complaints from some customers due to its reflective nature, particularly in brightly lit situations, so this move by Apple, if it turns out to be an accurate report, would doubtless be welcomed by many. MacBook Pros also have reflective glass screens, but the customer has the option of playing extra for a custom-ordered antiglare matte screen for the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros.

    Source: Apple to Utilize Anti-Reflective Glass in Next-Generation iMac? - Mac Rumors

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    New iMacs With Ivy Bridge Could Be Here by June

    On the heels of firmed-up rumors regarding the unveiling of Intel's (NAS: INTC) new Ivy Bridge line of processors for later this month, the Apple (NAS: AAPL) whispers begin: Revamped iMacs featuring the new processors could be here before summer's official debut.
    Actually, the ETA circulating around the Web is anytime during June or July. The source of this intelligence is considered reliable, and based on the number of articles already published on this subject, I would say that is probably so. Another bit of gossip is that Apple's all-in-one desktop computer will also have an anti-glare screen.
    The updating of Apple's computer and notebook lines has been expected for some time, and this news represents the first refresh of iMac since last May, when Intel's Sandy Bridge processor was the latest and greatest. The time lag for iMacs means that refreshed MacBooks Pros will most likely be on the scene very soon, as those were rumored to be next in line for a change-up.

    How much improvement can we expect with the new iMacs? Intel's new i5 and i7 Core, 22-nanometer processor is predicted to improve performance anywhere from 5% to 15%, which is nothing to sneeze at. The new iMacs are also rumored to be slimmer in design than their predecessor, just as the new MacBook Pros are expected to be much thinner than those that came before, more on the idea of a MacBook Air. purports that the 15-inch MacBook Pros will be updated first, with the 13-inch models next in line. The site suggests that the larger Pros could be on the market before the end of April.
    Apple isn't the only big fish to be reeled in by Intel's shiny new processor. Google (NAS: GOOG) may be planning to use Ivy Bridge in its next generation of Chromebooks, those fairly inexpensive but sloggy netbooks that operate entirely in the cloud. The review on CNET didn't have a date for the new product's launch, as Google did not respond to its comment requests.

    Apple is first in line, again

    It's only a matter of time until other computer makers jump on the Ivy Bridge bandwagon, of course. Apple is, once again first with the latest and most coveted tech goodies, and it will reap the benefits it so deserves for beating everyone to the punch, again. Between the rumors and reality of the MacBook Pro updates and the iMac redo, look for shares of Cupertino's native son to skyrocket, once again.
    Intel will make out very well, too. Not only will there be the excitement surrounding Apple's product launches, but there will also be the anticipation of other manufacturers' laptops and PCs coming to market -- including the Chromebook -- that will also feature Ivy Bridge. No doubt, there are happy days ahead for these two tech giants.
    Apple and Google have been reward shareholders for years now -- no surprise there. However, there are plenty of incredible stocks that stand to benefit from the same trends that have allowed these tech giants to enrich their shareholders. The Fool recently highlighted three stocks that are hidden winners in the rise of smart devices. Better yet, they made it completely free for their readers, so access your free copy today.



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