Purchasing Advice for a 1st time Macbook buyer

This is a discussion on Purchasing Advice for a 1st time Macbook buyer within the Apple Purchasing forums, part of the Apple Forums category; Hello, I'm soon to purchase my first Macbook Pro and would like some advice. Here are all the relevant details: -I want to also add ...

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    Purchasing Advice for a 1st time Macbook buyer


    I'm soon to purchase my first Macbook Pro and would like some advice. Here are all the relevant details:

    -I want to also add Windows via bootcamp (not sure yet what version. Either a new one, or see if I can get the license from my dead Windows Laptop - Windows 7).
    -I want to use Windows to use their version of Excel. I will be doing some fairly grunty Excel work
    -I want to use the Mac OS for some of the Adode suite (probably not so much video editing, but indesign etc)

    I have looked at the Macbook Pro 13" Retina with 126GB storage, 2.4GHz dual-core i5 processor128GB storage and 4GB memory. I want advice on if this would be enough (I know always more is better!). I am concerned that Windows will take up lots of room and make running grunty Excel work or Adode slow.

    Q1 - What is your advice re the specs?
    Q2 - I heard from an Apple Authorised Resellor that the current models of Macbook Pro are "interim" models and new ones will be possibly coming out in a few months. Is there any evidence to suggest this? I am trying to buy at the start of the model cycle.
    Q3 - I have heard conflicting advice on how to install Windows via Bootcamp. Apple on the phone told me you need an optical drive? What are my options
    Q4 - I will need an ethernet adaptor and possibly other adaptors. The ones in the Apple resellor seem to be paying for his holiday house. Where can I get cheaper ones that won't risk and damage to Macbook?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.



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    Q1 - Specs of the 13" Retina MacBook Pro should be OK. Windows 7 requires a minimum of 20GB of space...double that at least for patches, software, files etc. Are you sure the one you have looked at only has 4GB RAM? All current 13" Retina MBP on the Apple site have 8GB RAM....which would obviously be better.

    Q2 - The Retina MBP were updated in July....I very much doubt they will see a new refresh before then end of the year.

    Q3 - You can use either an external DVD drive, or a bootable USB drive.

    Q4 - Personally I would always use Apple connectors, or those made by well known third party manufacturers.

    All this said, you do know that there is a Mac version of Excel that will do 'grunty' work just as well as the Windows version?
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