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    My Watch App Store

    im not sure if I should be posting this in the 'Watch' section or 'IPhone' section
    I bought a Apple Watch a few days ago. the first day I got it it seemed fine (although most of the night was charging/updating) until the then day.
    I clicked on 'Watch' on my IPhone and it loads up the screen with all of my settings.
    if I then click on 'explore' 'featured' or 'Search' I just get a blank white screen and nothing is even attempting to load.
    this happened the first day of using it after charging it.

    I then went on to the chat support on the apple website and went through a load of things which didn't work then they asked me to reset my settings (which turned out to do nothing except mean I have to re-do my fingerprints and passwords)
    after realizing this hadn't helped and the app store still wasn't working they set up a phone call from one of them to talk me through what was happening and in the end a restore was suggested.
    I did a restore from a backup I had made the night before and everything was back to normal and the watch app store was working again.
    it was working all day yesterday and then today when Ive woken up, I click on the 'Watch', all my settings are there as normal. Click on 'Explore/Search' and its just a blank white screen again and nothing trying to load.

    The watch works fine
    My phone works fine
    everything seems to work fine apart from the App Store on 'Watch' but surely something is wrong somehwhere to make this happen. not sure if its a watch fault or phone but something isn't working

    Has anyone ever had this problem or have any suggestions what it could be.
    I really don't fancy clearing my phone again for it to stop working again after one day

    thanks for any help

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