2012 imac painfully slow

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    2012 imac painfully slow

    Hi Guys

    Shes running like a dog, a slow old one at that, then perks up after 20 minutes. I do my thing , lock the screen or logout then come back and hey presto, back to operating at the speed of a tortoise suffering from exhaustion.

    heres the spec and stuff ive observed.

    2.5Ghz processor
    4Gb of memory
    macOS High Sierra
    Ive moved all videos and photos onto an external hard drive and Deleted all Itunes tracks

    When I open activity monitor I have
    roughly 90% CPU Idle
    3- 3.5GB of memory in use
    swaps used 635mb
    Cached files - 445mb

    Disc reads in a second. Generally pretty low - less than 30 , but get odd spikes to 100 ( ish) . Writes out is similar.
    I have 108gb of 500gb storage available

    Apps installed:
    MS office 2011
    Norton Security ( she was running dog slow before i installed this)
    Guitar Pro
    Adobe Acrobat
    Google Chrome

    see screenshots ive attached.

    Any advice welcomed
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2012 imac painfully slow-screen-shot-2020-07-06-8.48.38-pm.png   2012 imac painfully slow-screen-shot-2020-07-06-8.48.32-pm.png   2012 imac painfully slow-screen-shot-2020-07-06-8.48.03-pm.png  

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    Iím curious as to the replies to your question! I have a late-2012 iMac also and itís running slower than Iíd like, too.
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    If I'd have to guess, I'd say simple wear and tear on a 8 year old mechanical hard drive. With a iMac of that vintage you should be able to swap it out for a SSD and breathe new life into your mac
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