Problem with my charger(s)

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    Problem with my charger(s)

    Hiii. I have a very big problem with my iPad's charger(s). My problem is that my factory charger(the cable) stopped working and when I gave it to my dad(an electrician) he told me that the circuits inside the charger's input(the one that I put in my iPad) has been burnt out and can't be fixed. So I threw away the factory one and bought a new one (a fake one cause I couldn't afford an original one). Since i had updated it to ios 7 it showed me that it's not certified and may not work reliably, but it charged anyway. But after a while it slowed down the charging to 2% a day(I am not kidding) and eventually stopped working. I went and bought a new (fake) one but that one just stopped working after 2 days. I tried my luck with one bought from the internet(please don't judge, I am a college student and barely had the money to buy the iPad let alone buy a charger from 21$ which in my country is a lot) and that one stopped working as well. When my dad opened the last two, he said that their wires had been burnt off. Finally my question is: can my iPad be burning the chargers, or maybe there is something wrong with my adapter(still the factory one since i was just purchasing cables). My warranty expires in one month, I will be buying the original charger to see whether it will burn as well, but I am afraid that it won't be in time to use the warranty and I'll end up with no iPad at all. Please tell me your opinions on this.

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    My suggestion is you bring it back for a check-up and make sure your iPad is working properly while it it still under warranty.....( It they ask, tell them you forgot the original charger)..... Just an idea to get right answer..

    If that is then ok, save your pennies and by a Apple charger, as the third party ones also burn-up on occasions as well as electroute people...

    If you would have purchased an Apple charger rather than buying many third party ones you can afford a original one...

    Just my opinion.....
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    I am no electrician, but if on one hand you are burning out chargers in a short period of time and on the other taking so long to charge your iPad, I would suggest that the problem may lie in instabilities in your power supply, rather than it being a problem with the device or charger itself....your Dad would have a better idea than I would. You don't say where you this a possible scenario? Have you been using the same charger point all the time? Maybe your problem lies there. That said, if your iPad is still under warranty, I would have thought that the charger would also be covered, and that Apple would replace it for you....has to be worth asking?
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    I did try to replace my charger for a new one but they told me that they didn't replace chargers anywhere in the world (even though the android store replaced my friend's charger twice o.o), they just told me the price of a new one. I know that I could have bought a new charger with the money I spent for rip-offs but I know a lot of people whose (ripp-offs) chargers work, and I thought they would work for me too. The electricity here is stable and there are no problems with it so I don't think that's the problem. I have tried charging it with my android adapter when it slowed the charging down but after a day it stopped working completely (was working properly for a week or so before the slowing down). I live in Macedonia, we don't have THE Apple stores here, we just have licensed resellers so maybe that's why the didn't replace my broken charger. And since they were mean enough not to change it, I don't think that they would just do a check-up on it :(( I will need to present them with a problem so they would take it in. :'(

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