Can I trust Apple?

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    Yes, can I trust Apple? I have twice updated iTunes on my PC only to have it create havoc. The last time I had lost numerous DLL files which meant I had to rebuild my hard drive. Grr Secondly I am running ios 7.xx on my Gen 2 iPad and I'm reluctant to update to ios8.x because my partner did and now it's running like a dog. Apple never let you know if the upgrades are valid only for certain items and it seems as if they distribute beta version and wait to see what complaints come in. Or maybe this is a sales gimmick to encourage users to upgrade their devices?

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    iOS 8 DOES run on an iPad 2, peoples mileage in how well it runs has obviously been variable. As far as I am aware, Apple made no claims that iOS 8 would run well on older hardware. There will come a time when Apple will no longer support the iPad 2 in future iOS updates...maybe iOS9 next year, who knows? Progress has to be made, and supporting ageing hardware becomes harder and harder. In March next year, the components in your iPad 2 will be four years old. That is an eternity in the tech world. Developers have been screaming at Apple because their apps still have to support the iPad 2, and there is no mechanism in place for them to override many cases this hobbles their software.

    Did your partners iPad suddenly stop working because a new operating had been released? No! Did your partner HAVE to upgrade to iOS 8? No! Apple do NOT force you to upgrade, it is decision you made. Apple make it very clear on their website what devices will be supported when they update iOS. Also, this time, there was an extensive public beta testing program for the software was released.

    My wife has an iPad 2 but I haven't updated it to iOS8 because I did some research BEFORE hand, and decided that there were too many reports of device slow down. There is nothing in IOS 8 that my wife really needs....she only uses her iPad for Safari, Mail and the BBC News app, all of which will continue to work until the device finally gives up the ghost.

    Of course, the upshot of all this is that many people DO upgrade their devices, but that is what Apple is there to do, make money for its shareholders. Apple are very good at marketing, and do often convince people that they need the latest and greatest. But ultimately, the decision to upgrade a device is made by the individual, and the individual has to take on that responsibility and not blame Apple.

    I have never had any issues upgrading my iTunes installation on my Windows machine, so as to your iTunes problems, we would need more information if we are to help in that respect.
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