iPhone 3GS randomly turn off fixed?

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    Smile iPhone 3GS randomly turn off fixed?

    First, I'm not completely sure the problem of the phone randomly turning off when disconnecting (and using 3G only in my case) has been fixed, but today was the first day I experienced the battery going down even to 30-35% and the phone working ok.

    I know there are many solutions on the web, and the most common is changing the battery, but here where I live it's not that east, and there are only 2 MacStores in my country which are very far part from where I live. Well, if the problem was really fixed, which I want to think it was because it would never last the phone on so much while browsing on 3G and listening to music:
    -Upgrade to iOS 6.0.1. There's a description that "some connection related problems were fixed", while it can refer to something else, it's worth a shot. And by the way, if you have an iPhone 3GS and are afraid to update, I would recommend fear not, there were a few problems with iOS 5.1.1, but 6.x seems really stable.
    -Disable all the notifications you are not using, chances are there are even programs with permissions for notifications which you don't even know. I only have Gmail, Mail, Google Plus, Phone, Messages and eBuddy enabled.
    -Disable ALL Location Services. There has been a bug with this since iOS 5.x; I know this was solved next, but I wonder if that applied to old iPhone 3GS too. You may probably want location services at least for Maps or something, go aheas and activate it, any feedback is welcome.

    Hope this thread helps someone, I have seen A LOT of 3GS turning randomly off, and I was so happy today when it lasted the whole day on heavy use. I don't think the 3 changes I written above are a coincidence.

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    iPhone 3GS randomly turn off fixed?

    Thank you for sharing your experiences....will hopefully be useful for others :)
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    Well, I have bad news; today at 49% of battery (as my iPhone said) I opened Opera mini to browse something while on 3G (I had been using Safari since yesterday for no particular reason), and it turned off. I was disappointed but I was somewhat expecting this could happen.

    Now, the weird thing which I don't understand: contrary to other times, where I would got home, plugin the cable to the phone, and it restart at half battery or so, this time was totally at 0%. Even now I am waiting for it charge something so I can use it. This seems to be a hardware/software related problem, not only "the battery" for me. I got significant improvement with the changes I said above, yet still there is the problem.

    I heard that leaving the battery go back to 0% and recharging it "restart the BIOS" or something like that, solved this major problem for some people... but I how I do that? example, when writing this my phone was connected via USB charging, the battery metter showed a little red, like it had no battery at all... until it booted to iOS at 49% exactly... maybe there is some serious fault that makes think the phone is on 1% when is one 45% or so??

    I think I will try to restore the phone to it's original setting via iTunes. I don't like it, but I think is the only thing left to do before replacing the battery (I think jailbraking it could be even more dangerous if the battery explicity talking the hardware part is not working properly).

    Any ideas shall be thanked btw

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