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    Post Migrating emails from SeaMonkey to MAIL

    My platform is MacBookPro 15”
    Late 2013
    OS 10.9.5
    It is my 11th Mac since “The Fat Mac” I purchased in 1986.

    Since the 1990s I used SeaMonkey (from Mozilla stable) as my email vehicle.
    For the past 5 years or so I wanted to switch over to Apple’s MAIL. Such move dictated migrating my library of many thousands of SeaMonkey emails to MAIL.
    For technical reasons – mostly because SeaMonkey does not have an EXPORT function – I was advised that was impossible. Earlier this week I have found a way to do that and migrated in one go all my library of 35,716 emails (stowed in ca 300 folders) from SeaMonkey to MAIL. The procedure was neat, relatively simple, and lasted about 10 minutes.

    Very soon I discovered there’s a fly in the ointment.

    The migrated emails were received in MAIL in three batches (instead of one, as I wished), being two of 15,896 emails each and one of 3924 emails.
    I suppose that happened on account of the large volume of exported emails.
    Unfortunately, each of the three batches consists of emails from most folders and now I have the task of consolidating each of those 300+ triplet folders into one workable folder.
    For example, my SeaMonkey’s “MEDICAL” folder contains 124 email msgs.
    All those 124 msgs were copied into MAIL, but are distributed in three folders, one per each batch, containing 45, 45 and 34 messages.
    In order to facilitate smooth mail-work, I must consolidate those three folders into one folder that will contain 124 messages.
    I have no idea how to do that, and I have to do that over 300 times…

    I feel there must be a way to do that in one go.

    Can anybody please assist?

    Thanks and best regards

    Abe Ariel.

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    Let me please clarify myself.
    I have a single profile in SeaMonkey (SM).
    My SM directory adds up to ca 38,000 emails contained in ca 270 folders and transacted over ca 20 years.

    I migrated that profile to Apple MAIL in two manners that yielded same results:
    Primo: In one step only, using MAIL IMPORT function.
    Secondo: In two steps, using SM ImportExportTools. (I first I exported the profile to a folder on my desktop and then imported that folder into Apple MAIL).
    In both manners only ca. 19,000 mails were imported into MAIL. This means that ca 19,000 emails did not migrate.

    By the way, those ca 19,000 emails that migrated from SM are distributed In Apple MAIL in two folders: one in a computer-generated folder labeled 61f402p4.default-20191108-1822 and containing ca 16,000 emails, the other in a folder labeled “Mail” and containing ca 3,000 emails.

    The long and the short of it is that it seems to me that only one half of my SM emails lie in the profile and that other half is hiding somewhere on my hard disk.
    Is that possible?
    Where can it hide?
    Did any of the members had such experience in the past?

    Thank you.

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    Everything I read about SM indicates that it is obsolete and plenty of instructions are available to migrate emails from SM to Outlook as it was more common amongst Windows users. Your problems migrating to Mail are largely due to the fact that current Mac OS uses a completely different file structure to SM especially the current OS which now use APFS. You may have more luck migrating to Outlook for macOS.

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