Trouble with the new mail in lion using yahoo. Any one -else suffering problems

This is a discussion on Trouble with the new mail in lion using yahoo. Any one -else suffering problems within the MacBook Pro forums, part of the Macbook Forum category; Using the latest 17" Macbook Pro, full spec up, no complains with the hardware, recently just updated to lion, and thought I would give the ...

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    Trouble with the new mail in lion using yahoo. Any one -else suffering problems

    Using the latest 17" Macbook Pro, full spec up, no complains with the hardware, recently just updated to lion, and thought I would give the new new apple mail application a go with my long standing yahoo account, it worked but was very flaky and unstable, decided to even up the anti a bit and even upgraded my basic yahoo account to mail pus, which seemed to help in the speeds of getting and synching but still not super fast. Even though i have a fast internet connection, the fetching seems to run in the low kilobytes rather than megabytes.

    Still seems flaky but this maybe an apple thing, rather than a configuring issue. the setting work using imap setting, and smtp setting but then don't, so why this happen? If it works once why the following night is doesn't??? The new mail has an activity window so you can see whats happening and connection doctor window too, to let you know if everything working or not.

    NOT being more to the point than DOES. Still suffering, but like most won't give up trying to get something as basic as mail to work on an apple should be a simple and easy affair. Owning apples for the past 25 years, and even in the early days it seemed to work just fine, even with my yahoo, but as things progressed apple mail would not allow me to have my yahoo on it, until now.

    Which i must admit is a welcome, but still if anyone else out there feels the same or some apple big chief reading this, APPPLE sort out your mail app PLEASE.
    Hopefully i won't be the only complaining, and have already sent quite a few mails regarding this to apple, just hope they read these mail, or maybe they too can not, or are having the same issues as me, but i doubt that. So lets have the power in numbers and make apple do something, regarding this issue of there mail application.

    Think they too know there still problems as in one of the full down menus there a please supply feedback :-),

    Lion not a beta rather than an alfa so how come there still major bugs are problems with this new so shiny OSX 10.7 (LION) and all the hype as how good everything is and theres over 200 more additions by there mail ap version 5 now still back in the dark ages.

    Syncing should mean that a mirror of whats true, but no my yahoo, on my tablet iPad 2 at least, has spam folder with a shield like icon, nut on the macbook, it seems to call the folder bulk, and on my iPad in my yahoo mail using safari i have 2 smart folders not on my macbook???

    The smart folders seem good and a quick thing, one of the two smart folders just shows attachments and there photos, which is so cool, and useful, and upmost quick (APPLE REMEMBER THAT WORD QUICK, RATHER THAN SLOW, because apple mail is than SLOW and still painful and by no way trouble free.

    Takes days to get everything, seems that Activity window always starts a fresh every time you restart, when you have 6000+ mails and attachments in just your inbox , let alone your sent mail box, and then the other activity fetching mail, linking mail, cache directory updating etc takes MONTHS!! not minutes, why do we need cache directory at all, updating what mail???? is this a joke, I laugh not!!

    I am serious, DO SOMETHING PLEASE, sooner rather than later.

    Wont to give it the thumbs UP but at present is a BIG THUMBS DOWN on this one at least

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    Welcome to the forum. Just for the record we are not affilated with Apple however in saying that we have a large number of experience users whom may be able to assist. Just give us time to respond. I personally use mail with 7406 messages synced to gmail with out any major issue so I do not understand why you have problems, further more I just finished an installation and linked with hotmail for my client (my non favourite email) and again after it completed the down load it worked fine he had 9 thousand messages. I did advise the customer to prune his emails

    Col.bris, Administrator

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    Hi, I am a bit confused about yahoo mail on the Mac. I have 2 yahoo email address and 1 gmail address. Now normally any mail to my long and short email yahoo addresses both go to the one inbox on my iPad and iPhone. But I noticed I only have the long email address on my Mac mail. So I decided I would try and add my 2nd yahoo address . Well it seems to of added ok but in stead of all the mail merging for the 2 address as on the other devices. I now have duplicated mail going to both inboxes. Is there anyway to collect mail from the two addresses into one yahoo account on the mac. Which is what happens on the other devices. I hope I have explained this ok. I could delete the yahoo account I just added I suppose to save the second lot of mail downloading and taking up space. Another thing I noticed was when adding the second yahoo address it had IMAP after the yahoo . When isn't it suppose to be POP. I have no idea what these mean or whether it should be IMaP or POP, but it does work ok. Please help if you can actually understand what I'm talking about .. Lol
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