sync mac mini with macbook pro

This is a discussion on sync mac mini with macbook pro within the MacBook Pro forums, part of the Macbook Forum category; hi. i have a mini and recently acquired a macbook pro. i'm running 10.8.2. i want to sync them so that the pro is essentially ...

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    sync mac mini with macbook pro

    hi. i have a mini and recently acquired a macbook pro. i'm running 10.8.2. i want to sync them so that the pro is essentially a mirror of the mini (my main computer). i want to be able to automatically update the pro so that the mini settings, bookmarks, files, etc. are copied to the pro. so, i did some online research and decided to begin this synchronization by restoring my pro from the most current time machine backup from the mini. i figured that this would be a good start, and that i would then figure out how to sync them automatically. so, i connected the external drive to the pro, command-r restarted and restored from the TM backup. but now the pro hard drive is renamed to "mac mini 2" and the startup disk on the pro is designated as "Gregg's Mini OS X, 10.8.2." i am just a regular user, not a tech geek and this doesn’t seem right. have i done something that has screwed up my pro? if so, how can I fix it? also, how can i automatically sync the 2? do i need a third party app? thanks. gregg

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    sync mac mini with macbook pro

    I think you may have been lucky that your MacBook Pro even rebooted after using a Mini Time machine backup! Although they are both running the same version of OSX, each installation will be optimized for the hardware it is running on, so you may well find other preferences are set to be for your mini rather than your MBP. Personally, I would roll back to a MBP time machine backup before doing anything else.

    As to keeping them both in sync, you can do this in several ways. Safari bookmarks, calendars and contacts could all be kept in sync with an iCloud account.

    There are several third party apps out there for syncing macs, but one I find very effective is SyncMate. Take a look at their website:

    Alternatively, provided both macs are on the same network and using the same router, you could simply enable file sharing on both, and use Finder to copy and paste your personal documents from one to another when you make changes.
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