G5 PPC help needed - UK user!

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    G5 PPC help needed - UK user!

    Hi guys - newbie here and as I'm so new that I can't find a help forum for the PPCs that actually has technical questions (other than how many you own and what your favourite is etc etc) can I ask a techie question?
    I've just bought an iMac G5 Thunderbolt which is a lovely machine and as a result want to get my G5 quad-core PPC prepared for sale, which means removing all my details accounts and documents. This is a PPC I bought less than two months ago to replace my quicksilver PPC, but there were issues with it that made me buy the new iMac.
    There are two hard drives, one for the OS and one for backup.
    Backup is an 80Gb drive using the factory cradle and connections inside the G5. For some reason it never performed well and although it never lost any data the icons were always jumbled about on startup and had to be cleaned up. I'm now trying to erase all data using the 7-times erase and on commencement it tells me that it will take 4 hours; after about twenty minutes it tells me that it has succesfully ended despite the blue progress bar being less than a third across. As I used it for photo editing I have a lot of other people's photos that I do not want anyone else to get after it's sold.
    So: now the real reason for the post! The previous owner loaded Leopard onto it, but I got the impression that it was too new for the old processor and was causing anomalies. I obtained a copy of the G5 installation disc intending to load the factory settings and start from fresh, but on inserting the DVD the PPC crashed with a kernel panic. I then tried my boxed stand-alone copy of Tiger and got the same thing - a kernel panic "we are hanging here" so had to give up on installing anything from scratch.
    It appears none of my startup discs, from the G4 install disc to the G5 install disc, and including Tiger or Panther boxed DVDs will install. Disc Utilities tells me there's nothing wrong.
    Any help would be appreciated!!

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    I don't know enough about the G5 PPCs, or how much you are expecting to get for it on selling, but would it be possible to replace both HDD with a brand new one and see if that works with a clean install of OSX? That way you wouldn't have to worry about deleting personal files, and if you still have kernel panics when trying to install OSX, you will at least know the HDD is not the problem and that you may have a more serious issue.
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    The problem also could be ram related. It is possible you have a faulty memory chip causing the panic. I have had this happen before just a thought.


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